Tuesday, April 12, 2011

USB powered battery charger circuit

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At this time I will share about the series used in the usb to charge battery. Issued voltage 4.7 Volt to 5 Volt DC suitable for battery charge the phone, as well as other batteries. 

Below is a circuit where the voltage is removed the usb on the computer will be strengthened by several components so that the voltage used to charge batteries more powerful and filtered, and will make it more durable and long lasting.
USB battery charger schematics
Part List :
R1 = 1 K
R2 = 330 R
R3 = 4K7
R4 = 300 R
R5 = 27R
D1 = 4.7 volt zener /1W
C1 = 100uF/16V
Q1 = BC548
Q2 = BC558A


Vespaboy1968 said...

My Talk9-U39GT usb port board is kaput, not charging and no speaker sound, (broken wires after removing board).
So I opened him up and hardwired a usb cord to the battery power wires so I could retrieve photos and videos to the micro SD.

I know the green and white data is not connected, but I can transfer via Bluetooth or SD card.

When I plug the USB into a hub the unit now powers up and says 1% battery, not charging. Do you know where can I tie in to the charging circuit, even if it means a pigtail usb cable sticking out?

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